Install MavensMate

Use the directions below to learn how to install and setup MavensMate. Once you follow the steps below you will be up and running!


Mac OS X Windows Linux
64-bit 32-bit 64-bit 32-Bit 64-bit
  1. Download and Install Sublime Text 3
  2. Install Package Control
    • Package Control is used to easily create and setup packages in Sublime, in other words, it makes it so you can easily install apps v. having to enter code in the console every time.
  3. From the Package Control Install page, copy the text in the Sublime Text 3 box.
  4. In Sublime, go to View – Show Console
  5. Paste the text copied from the Package Control site into the Console and press enter.
  6. After Package Control is installed, a message box will popup, press ok.

Installing MavensMate


  1. Re-open Sublime and go to Tools – Command Palette…012016_2346_6.png
  2. Select ‘Package Control: Install Package’, you can do so by starting to type install in the Command Palette.mavensmateInstall
  3. A list of packages to install will appear in the Command Palette, type ‘mm’ and select MavensMate.
  4. Exit Sublime and re-open.mmWorkspace
  5. Before you can create a project, you need to setup your workspace. Select MavensMate – Settings – User
  6. Enter where you want to save your projects,
    • Mac Example: /Users/meighanbrodkey/Workspaces
    • Windows Example: C:\\Users\\meighan\\Workspaces

What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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