Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

Sometimes you know the Apex Class or Visualforce page you need to go to, but to get there, ugg, Click Setup, Click Develop, Click Apex Classes, Letter S, Next Page, Next Page, Next Page, AHHH. Freakin’ can drive a dev or admin nuts, seriously.Advanced Code Searcher - Metadata Search

Oh! Or let’s say you want to delete this one custom field, and you are like, I wonder where
this field is used in apex/Visualforce, well this
extension is there to make that possible, along with so

much more, reducing your clicks making your day fantabulous.

What it does:  Gives you quick access to Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages, Visualforce Controllers, Workflow Rules, Triggers, Custom Objects, Validation Rules.  Also lets you check your code coverage and search your code quick and easy right in Salesforce.  An admin’s best friend.

Cost: Free

Why I like it: Dude this thing just rocks.  I’ve been working on projects where I have only so many pieces of code, but the org has so many classes, and custom views on apex, let’s all admin it, we don’t have custom fields so they are pain to use.  

Also, this lets you search your code quick and easy.  Yes it’s something developers can easily do in their IDE, but as an admin, using the IDE sounds scary, and the setup search doesn’t show me every customization that uses Account_Status__c when i search for it, but this little extension does.advanced_code_searcher_-_search_your_code

Why I dislike it: There is no reason not to like this extension.  Yeah, there’s room for improvement, I’d love to be able to quick access Processes and Flows, but dude it’s totally awesome as is.  It doesn’t cause issues with my mac, it cuts my clicks down far more than you can imagine without using it, and it has cool search features.  I think as the extension is enhanced because more people are using it, so try it, share it, and see what happens.

Salesforce advanced Code searcher – Chrome Web Store (new window)

Salesforce Quick Search :: Add-ons for Firefox



What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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