LoginAs Beta

LoginAs is my best friend throughout the day.  It save me clicks & frustration.  I don’t like going to find a user to login as them, even if I just search with the global search, LoginAs lets me select the user I want to LoginAs, debug, or both, from any page in SF.  It’s fab.

What it does: Web Store Description

Facilitates SFDC ‘Login as’ functionality with searchable UI This extension allows you to login as any user (that you have permission to log in as) in your org extremely quickly. No login required, just click the icon while working inside a salesforce org and search for the user you want to login as, and click login! It’s that simple. This is a beta, please let me know if you run into any issues. Contact me on twitter @leboff

Cost: Free!

What I Like:  Less clicks, I love less clicks.  To debug as a user, one must go to Setup – Monitoring – Debug Logs – New – Enter the user’s name – Enter the Date – Enter the Debug setting – Save.  To login as a user, you need to go to Setup – Manage Users – Users – Click LoginAs.  That’s a helluva lot of clicks to debug/logins as.  It drives me CRAZY, no more!  Click the little cloud – click LoginAs/Debug/Both, that’s it. No more clicking on a user’s name and ending up on their freakin’ Chatter profile when I need their User Record,  UGGG!!! 

What I Don’t Like: Being a Mac user, Chrome is slow enough already, adding yet another extension to my list just slows things down more.

Install from Chrome Web Store: LoginAs Beta

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