Diigo is the best idea since popcorn.

What it does:  According to the Diigo “About” page:

Diigo is a multi-tool for personal knowledge management dramatically improve your workflow and productivity easy and intuitive, yet versatile and powerful.” 


You can highlight and add notes to any webpage for future reference.

Which is true, but it does not give Diigo enough credit.  You can use the app on your phone or mac, or their browser extension. With the app you can bookmark pages, add tags to bookmarks, add bookmarks to an Outliner (E.g. Best Practices, Salesforce, Apps), mark a page to read later, highlight parts of the page (which you can see when you visit the page in the future), add sticky notes (again, still there when you come back), and then access everything in one place.

For work, I am able to mark apps I am researching, troubleshooting tips, best practices, etc, and with tags, I can flag each bookmark for easy access when I need it next. I use outliners to collect my research by use case, for easy presentation and reference in meetings.


Email not only your link but your notes as well

Email not only a link but your notes as well

Then for my personal use, I am able to mark recipes with reviews and thoughts on how to adjust them next time, blog post ideas, the list goes on and on.

CostThey have 4 plans, listed below, currently  I use the free plan.  The details of each can be found here.

Free $0
Social $5/yr
Standard $40/yr or $5/mo
Professional $59/yr or $6/mo

What I like: It makes troubleshooting, researching solutions, and learning a breeze.  By using tags, when there is a problem or question I can easily find the pages related to the topic, with outliners I can plan implementations, and with read later, I can flag interesting articles and possible resources without having to interrupt what I am working on.

What I don’t like: I haven’t found anything yet.  Outside of only having access to 5 Outliners in the free version, I have yet to find a limit to the features.

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What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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