Octopus by Astera


Octopus by Astera, fabulous app for documentation

This is another lovely freebie.  All you do is add the App, go to the Octopus tab, then select the checkbox for the items you want the extract. (Please note if you want to extract your WFR’s you will need to update your remote site settings)

What it does:  Exports your metadata fast and easy out of Salesforce, from a single selection page. Includes items like, Apex Classes, components, jobs, fields, dashboards, mail merge, profiles, and so on.

Cost:  Free

Octopus_010716_105333_AMWhat I like:  This not only gives me fields, but it LISTS THE VALUES IN THE PICKLIST! For real, it does that, right there in a square on the table. This can be pulled up right away with HTML page you can save for later, which is great when you need an answer on the fly.  Your apex is right there, and you can get all your custom object & standard object all at once. I also use it for my Workflow Rules, it’s a pretty decent setup.

What I don’t like:  It is in Word, HTML, or a PDF, which all format funky in Excel.  Even if you just import text, something somehow goes wrong.  You can avoid this if you make sure that they data in word is properly formatted as an Excel table.  In addition, you don’t get as much information as you would like, no parent object, field help text, the little things. It is slightly frustrating when using it for more than a quick lookup.

 It’s minor, but you need to add your org’s instance URL to your Remote Site Settings for the WFR & VR export to work.  Do it right away to avoid future problems.


Octopus on the AppExchange

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