Object Metadata Snapshot

This Force.com Labs app is on the AppExchange and free of charge.  And let me tell you, I love me my Force.com Labs.

What it does:  At the click a button, you create a says “snapshot” of your org, which, in and of itself, is pretty freaking cool.   Just like the description states, you can store your data in a custom object, allowing for easy access to and analysis of the metadata of your org.  The custom object puts the  data in a familiar format, which gives you a short ramp time.  Plus, this was the first app I used to start documenting my org, so I feel a special connection. 

Cost:  Free

Why I like it: Like I said, it works at the click of a button, that is freaking awesome.  Then just

export the data and,  BAM, you have started your org’s baby book.  Month over month you can add your data to your archive and compare year over year, project/project, what was going on to remember the important things, like how your org took his first steps.   Now that’s a picture I want to see on my Facebook news feed. AWWW!

Now that’s a picture I want to see on my Facebook news feed. ♥AWWW!♥

The data being stored in a custom object really is great, in terms of instant familiarity to speed up your learning curve.  The second time you use it (since the first will give you a foundation), will help you see patterns in user adoption you never saw before.
Why I dislike it: You need to create an Analytic SnapShot, now “Reporting Snapshot” to have the org Document itself.  The downside there, are the limits related to Reporting (Analytic) Snapshots E.g. max of 100 fields, max of 2,000 records per snapshots, max of 200 snapshots stored.  If you want to analyze your org long-term, the data needs to be analyzed outside of SF, (personally, I use Power BI).  Other than that, it is what it says and makes documenting your org so much easier.

Object Metadata Snapshot Tool on the AppExchange (new window)


What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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