Etherios EasyDescribe

I love this guy, I really do.  I have been using the app for a while, and I have no plans to stop.

What does it does: Lets you view & extract object metadata details with record types, field types, picklists, and other metadata all on one screen. Easy export to excel also.

Cost:  Free

Why I like it:  You can see your help text, the formula text, all child objects. You can see vital information for each field such as name, API name, if you can edit it, if it is custom, number of characters, if it is dependent, if it is a lookup and if so to what, and Screenshot: Object field metadatapicklist values. Plus you get your little shortcut code, 001 &  Record types are available. Another benefit is the fact that you can use one object at a time, so if you are working with a specific set of objects, you don’t need to export the Org design to find out how to design your project object structure.  Export to Excel, this is so vital for pulling the monthly development of our org.  

Why I don’t like it: It is on a Visualforce page, without the ability to store the data automagically.  Yes, it gives you your “Picklist” values, but you have to click an Extract link… on EVERY  PICKLIST to get them. Plus, it does each object individually.  Yes, I have this as why I like it but why can’t I flag the objects I like and do them at once.

AppExchange: Etherios EasyDescribe


What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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