Conga Composer

You know how sometimes you have a good customer experience and it makes your day?  Well I had the best customer experience in my life, EVER, with the Conga guys, and they have an amazing app.

What it does:  Dynamic document generation.  What is that you ask? Great question. What Conga Composer does is take your Salesforce data, and put it into document templates for you.  So lets say you have an Opportunity with Products.  

With Conga Composer you can use clicks (not code) to create a magical button that will generate quote documents or contracts for your customer.  It is really freakin’ sweet.  You can also use it to create email templates that are sent each month to your customers with their invoices, or create account plans, oh, OH! or, for all you admin, create beautiful org documentation. It does everything.

Cost: Starting at $18 USD per user per month (Discounted for Nonprofits)

Why I like it: Because it does what would take hours.  With Conga Composer, you can save yourself and your reps tons of time.  You can also insure that they aren’t using an outdated templates, with awesome end-user usability.  Not only is their app awesome, but the people who work there are awesome, I worked with a handful of them at DocuSign.  They are funny, creative, helpful, and inspiring.  They definitely know their stuff, but they know how to have fun too, just check their blog and/or twitter feed.  

One of the big reasons I love Conga, and why I keep going back, is because of my customer service experience that I’m going to tell you about now.  It was 2009, I was working on one of my first freelance projects, and my very first Conga project.  I needed to create Loan Documents for my client using Salesforce data.  I had the licenses, this awesome guy Mark had trained me, I was ready… not so much.  I was stuck, my Word doc wasn’t working and I was freakin’ out.  In comes my Conga Superhero, again, Mark Whiteside.  Mark had already walked me through everything.  He took hours showing me how to create the reports, the buttons, even how to do my merge fields in Word.  He had done this multiple times, but here I am with my doc, and it isn’t working. Not only did Mark take the time to walk me through everything I needed, and teach me how to troubleshoot my doc, but he also followed up to make sure things were working, AND he never made me feel dumb or like I was a burden to him.  That is stellar customer service. 7 years later, I emailed him with a question, and dude still remembered me, and he helped me! He’s not even in the same role anymore but he helped me.  I will be a Conga lover for life because of that.

Don’t forget to checkout their cool Conga club, where you can learn awesome things about Conga w/ their community, and maybe win some cool stuff along the way.

Why I dislike it: Gosh, outside of the fact that I’d like to query two separate objects using a date & time field on another object I queried, nothing.  That’s not even a Conga limitation, it’s a SOQL limitation.  This app does it all, and with the new v8, it’s even better.

Conga Composer on the AppExchange (new window)


What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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