Mass Create Users

Ever find yourself in a situation where you need to mass create Users?  Save yourself some time, and use a data import template.  The 2 following templates are for importing users (they have the same functionality, one is for Excel, the other Google Sheets).  The required fields are highlighted in red, with the LocaleKeyId, LanguageKeyId, and TimezoneKeyId populated based on the selected text value.

Download Templates

User Import Template – Google Sheets

User Import Template – Excel


  1. IsActive: If you don’t specify the IsActive field when inserting a user, the user will automatically be inserted as Active.
    • You can wait to activate users by importing records with IsActive = False
  2. Generate new password and notify user immediately: This checkbox is not present in the Data Loader, so a password is not generated with Users created this way.
    1. Use the “Reset Password” button and select the desired users from a User list view and reset the password for all selected users from the view itself.
    2. When importing Portal Users with IsActive = True,  will trigger the welcome email to be sent with a link prompting the user to set a password (no password reset required). See “How do I import customer portal users?” for more information on importing Customer Portal Users.
  3. Perform insert option with Data Loader:
    • Select Insert operation and select User as an object. Browse the .CSV file that you prepared for import and click Next.
    • Map the “User” object fields and columns in .CSV file.
    • Select a directory to save the “error and success” files and click Finish.
First Name <Required – Text>
Last Name <Required – Text>
Alias Autopopulated with first letter of first name and first for of Last Name
IsActive <Required – True/False>
Email <Required – Text>
Username Autopopulated with the Email address
RoleID <Required – Text>
ProfileID <Required – Text>
ContactId <Required for Community Users>
CurrencyIsoCode <Required – Picklist>
Locale <Required, not imported – Picklist>
Language <Required, not imported – Picklist>
Timezone <Required, not imported – Picklist>
EmailEncodingKey <Required – Picklist>
LocaleSidKey <Required – populated based on the Locale>
LanguageLocaleKey <Required – populated based on the Language>
TimezoneSidKey <Required – populated based on the Timezone>

What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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