• Lightning Ideas Delivered (9/13/2016) - Know what I like about Salesforce? Well, one thing I really like…. The fact that they listen, seriously.  Are you using the IdeaExchange?  If not, you need to stop reading now, and go check it out before you read on.  Not only do I like the IdeaExchange so I can share what would solve my … Continue reading Lightning Ideas Delivered
  • Features You Need To Contact Salesforce For (9/9/2016) - Ever wonder what features you need to contact Salesforce to activate or deactivate? Check out the community doc and submit other features you have learned require Salesforce Support.
  • Seattle WIT User Group June Event (6/21/2016) - Join the amazing Salesforce women of Seattle to talk about the Summer ’16 release, your favorite ideas to vote for, and the ideas you have to increase Salesforce usability.   Everyone is welcome Admins, End Users, Developers, Stakeholders, and anyone else that uses Salesforce in one way or another.  The location is TBD, but will … Continue reading Seattle WIT User Group June Event
  • Custom Lightning Layouts & Usability Ideas (3/2/2016) - Salesforce's Lightning Experience is beautiful. There are a few ideas out there to make it even better. Learn about page layouts and a few of the top ideas to vote for regarding them in this post.
  • Lightning Experience Recycling Bin Idea Lightning Recycling Bin (2/8/2016) - Currently, if you are using the brand new "Lightning Experience" look of Salesforce, not all the functionality of Salesforce Classic is available. This isn't a bad thing, Lighting is new and alive, changing and growing based on the world today and the ideas and needs of the Salesforce Community. It is to be expected. Some of the basics though, they should be available, but sadly are not.

What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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