Lightning Ideas Delivered

Know what I like about Salesforce? Well, one thing I really like…. The fact that they listen, seriously.  Are you using the IdeaExchange?  If not, you need to stop reading now, and go check it out before you read on.  Not only do I like the IdeaExchange so I can share what would solve my current problem, but because it’s great to be listened to by other community members and Salesforce.  See my favorite part of the release notes each time they come out is the section called “You Asked for It!”.  This is the section that lists the new features/functionality that came from the ideas we the community posted, with a link to the idea and the solution.  It just makes me happy.  

Now one thing you might have noticed this year is that I have been posting about functionality that I wish existed in Lightning.  I wanted to take a minute to share the results of the community’s votes on some of these ideas.

Functional Features from Ideas

Export Reports by Rakesh Gupta

Remember when that post I wrote about how inconvenient reports are in Lightning? If not, make sure to take a look later, but I’ll give you the rundown.  You can’t export reports in Lightning.  Or should I say, you couldn’t export reports in Lightning.  That’s right, we asked & voted for it, and Salesforce heard us.  Summer ’16 totally awesome Lightning feature, “Export Reports as Files from Lightning Experience“!  That’s right, now you can export reports in Lightning as .xls or .csv files, just like in Classic.  Heck yes!! Make sure to thank Rakesh Gupta, a total rockstar blogger, are you an Automation Champion?

UI Related Changes

Add a Custom Logo In Lightning by Johan Yu

Awhile back, I wrote a post about branding and how your brand is important for customers and employees.  One way to help keep your brand, vision, and mission in mind is to have your logo visible, well you couldn’t customize your Lightning logo, until now, BOOM! That’s right, add a custom logo in Lightning, thanks Johan Yu!  By the way, if you aren’t following Johan’s blog, now is the time, he has frequent, informative, clear, and fantabulous blog posts.


Custom Home Page by Profile By Peter Franzen

Remember when I wrote about my unhealthy obsession with custom home pages and how I couldn’t use Lightning without it? Well, once again we were heard, and you can now have Custom Home in Lightning , and not only one, but by profile thanks to the idea posted by Peter Franzen.  Thanks Peter!!

Consistent/Custom Page Layouts by Eric Stephenson & Curtis Ellingham

Speaking of the Lightning UI, I found it maddening that the page layouts were not consistent, sometimes related lists were the first tab, sometimes Feed, AHHH!  It was frustrating looking for things.  Apparently, I wasn’t alone, Eric Stephenson posted the idea for a Consistent Lightning UI, and  Curtis Ellingham posted the idea to customize the Default Lightning Tab order, and now we have the ability to set our record detail tab order for a consistent UI. Love it!  Thanks Guys!!

Account Opportunity and Case Page Layout Differences

In above image, red is for “Related” which is not labeled on Opportunities Yellow is for details which is not labeled on Cases Feed is for green or orange which is split on every other object into Activities & Collaborate

Lightning Field Level Help by Uvais Komath

Now that we have consistent layouts, let’s focus on the record details section, shall we? Excellent. One thing I work hard at is usability, making Salesforce easier for my end users, with less clicks and clear path from A to Z.  One way I do that was with custom field level help. I mentioned previously, all my FLH Lightning was gone, but now we have Lightning Field Help thanks to the idea from Uvais Komath, thanks Uvais, from admins and end users everywhere!

Non-Lightning Focused Ideas that Deserve a Shout-out

Change Record Owner in SF1 by Zurine Garcia

This one isn’t totally lightning, but I want to give props to Zurine Garcia for this HUGE help.  Have you ever tried to change a record owner on the go with SF1?  You couldn’t and that drove me crazy.  I remember hearing about this on twitter as well.  BOOM!  Salesforce did it again, now you can  Change Record Owners in SF1 thanks to the idea posted by 

One Digest Email for All Chatter Groups by Carol Enevoldsen

Last, but not least, you know how you get 10 million success community group updates?  I hate them, but I still want them, well Carol Enevoldsen posted the idea for One Digest Email all Chatter Groups and guess what’s went into Beta Summer 15?  That’s right, one digest email for all chatter groups.  BOOM!

This doesn’t even begin to cover a glimpse into the Awesome ideas out there on the IdeaExchange.  With active community members voting early and often, added on to how Salesforce actually listens to us, the community, there is no reason to sit there and struggle with things you wish Salesforce did.  Get out there, search, vote, and share.  There are three releases a year, who knows, maybe your idea will be in the next one!


What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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