Join Us For Automation Hour!

If you are a Salesforce Admin, Developer, Analyst, Architect, or anyone else that does automation of anything in Salesforce, the new Salesforce Automation Hour is for you!

Fabulous hosts, David Litton, the Automation Champion himself, Rakesh Gupta, and Trailhead Superstar, Jennifer Lee, will be sharing Process Builder and Flow automation solutions and answering your automation questions every other Friday at 3 ET/Noon PT.

Oh! don’t forget to join the Success Community Group for more automation tips, hints, and community help.


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SalesforceAutomationHourLogoPics-SmallWe’re here!!!

Join us (co-hosts Jennifer Lee, David Litton and Rakesh Gupta) on Sept 16 at 3-4pm ET as we kick off Salesforce Automation Hour! 

In each session, we will demonstrate a cool process automation solution and then take your process automation questions via the community or ReadyTalk chat.

To kick off our first session, our presenter is none other than the Automation Champion himself, Rakesh!

This is a session you will not want to miss!

Register now:

Join the Salesforce Automation Hour Success Community to post your questions:

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