Process Builder: It's not the future, it's now

Move Related Lists On Lead Convert

Process builder has been gaining more and more popularity and quickly becoming an Admins best friend.  With that, it’s fun to think about all the things you can do with Process Builder you couldn’t do with workflow rules.  One of my favorite use cases, solve a long time Admin pain point, the fact that custom related lists do not carry over on Lead convert.LeadRelatedList_RelatedListOnLeadConvert That’s right, with process builder all the records with a custom lookup to leads that you lose on your contacts no longer have to be lost, and here is how you do it.

Prerequisite: Make sure your custom object has a custom “Contact” field, as well as the “Lead” field.


  1. Create a Process at Setup – Create – Workflow & Approvals – Process Builder.
  2. Click new
  3. Name your Process something descriptive, and enter a description like, “Used to carry over custom related lists on Lead convert”.  Now for the fun part, building your process….
  4. You want to have your origin object as “Lead” because it is on the Lead object that the action occurs (conversion) to fire the Process.
  5. Now, this specific example moves records related to Leads on to the Contact after conversion,
    • For the criteria use: Lead.ConvertedContactId “is null” boolean False.
    • Check “Yes” to only execute when the specified changes are made.
    • SaveProcessBuilder_CopyRelatedListOnLeadConvert
  6. Next up, your actions.  One of the objects I have related to Leads is called “Links”, and I will be using that object in this example.  Keep in mind, you can do action criteria for each of your objects related to the Lead in a single action.
    • For the Action select “Update Record
    • Choose to update a record(s) related to the Lead
    • In my use case, there is no criteria for which records to update, look at your process and see if your situation is the same (don’t make assumptions)
    • For actual action, select the Contact field reference Lead.ConvertedContactId
    • SaveProcessBuilder_RealatedListOnLeadConvert

That’s it, it’s that easy!  Now you can activate your process and convert a Lead and BAM!  The Link records related to the Lead are now related to the Contact. Hallelujah! You are now no longer using valuable data on Lead convert, and increased usability by having the related records associated with the Contact via automation.

Additional Resources: Salesforce: Preserve Related Lists and Chatter on Lead Conversion by Doug Ayers


What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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