Seattle WIT User Group June Event

Join the amazing Salesforce women of Seattle to talk about the Summer ’16 release, your favorite ideas to vote for, and the ideas you have to increase Salesforce usability.  

Everyone is welcome Admins, End Users, Developers, Stakeholders, and anyone else that uses Salesforce in one way or another.  The location is TBD, but will be finalized by Tuesday.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Process Builder: It's not the future, it's now

Move Related Lists On Lead Convert

Process builder has been gaining more and more popularity and quickly becoming an Admins best friend.  With that, it’s fun to think about all the things you can do with Process Builder you couldn’t do with workflow rules.  One of my favorite use cases, solve a long time Admin pain point, the fact that custom related lists do not carry over on Lead convert.LeadRelatedList_RelatedListOnLeadConvert That’s right, with process builder all the records with a custom lookup to leads that you lose on your contacts no longer have to be lost, and here is how you do it. Continue reading