Custom Lightning Layouts & Usability Ideas

Hello, again. I promise you I’m not whining, I am just trying to make sure current and future Lightning users have the basics. That way when we all are switched over, we don’t lose what we had, and love. Today, I was only going to tell you about the Home Page, and how it needs to be customizable.  While working on researching the details though, I realized there is much more that I want to have your help and support on.  First off, the original topic, ability to customize the homepage and then record page layouts.

Home Page

I love my custom homepage layout. I have when I write messages to my users on upcoming changes, my link sets, custom by role, and so on.

Right now, everyone in Lightning has the same homepage, and most of it, doesn’t apply. You can vote for custom homepages on the IdeaExchange here.

What you can’t do:

  • Alert banners
  • Chatter feed and publisher
  • Recommendations
  • Custom components, such as dashboard snapshots
  • Calendar
  • Adding any standard or custom components
  • Removing components already on the page
  • Creating custom buttons or links
  • Changing the page layout. (After all that, they still list changing the page layout?)

Record Page Layouts

Now, I don’t just want a pretty home page, I want record page layouts with fields that matter to the user, and that are easy to read (Gold Star Usability is the goal here folks).  Now, I can adjust my routine, and modify the highlights panel in the Compact Layout section, but I really want to have the layout changes I can make, work for each profile.  When it comes to record level layouts, the following customizations are not available:

  • Blank spaces
  • Expanded lookups
  • Mobile cards
  • S-controls
  • Sections
  • Tags

Personally, S-controls and tags aren’t a high priority for me, but sections and blank spaces, I have them on every page layout, without them usability isn’t even a bronze star, it’s a participation trophy. The most challenging par though, isn’t the layout’s layout, but who sees what when.

All Lightning Experience users see the same record layout, regardless of profile or record type.

-“Page Layouts in Lightning Experience,” Help & Training

That’s right, everyone has the same page layout in Lightning, regardless of profile or record type, EEP! That is NOT Gold Star Usability.  Neither is the fact that the default page layouts are inconsistent in their layout, (shout out to Eric Stephenson from the Salesforce Community for submitting this idea). For consistent layouts across objects, vote up his idea to standardize the Lightning Layout, while voting to customize object page layouts, by both profile and record type in the Lightning Experience well you are there.

In addition to the limits of page layouts, help text, the little orange bubble that explains what a field is for and/or what to enter in said field, is not available on custom object custom fields in the Lightning Experience.  So vote it up, you worked hard creating that help text, your users deserve the info, and your inbox should NOT have an inbox overflowing with emails regarding what a field does (like I user would ask anyway, ;-)).

Now there are some snazzy ways you can customize Salesforce Lightning.  Check out this great post about customizing the navigation menu by Pritam Shekhawat.  WARNING:  If you are a Salesforce Classic user, the awesomeness and beauty of the Lightning Experience, may just win you over, it’s that pretty.  Just sayin’ you’ve been warned. To learn more about Lightning page layouts, including the advantages above and beyond the beauty, check out the Trailhead Module on Page Layouts here.

Recap of Ideas

That’s a lot of ideas for page layouts, all of which, you want to vote for. Bonus, if you vote for all these ideas, I promise to do a post on all the awesome things in Lightning.


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