Vote for an Export Option on Reports in Lightning

Add Export Reports in Salesforce Lightning

Lightning is brand new. Like SUPER SUPER new, so not all the features in Salesforce Classic are available in Lightning.  Today on twitter, I learned that one of those “unavailable” features/functions, is the ability to export reports.  

Can I Export A Report Here?

Sorry folks, but you can’t currently export reports in Lightning, so VOTE IT UP!

Now, I’m not saying you can’t get your data in Lightning; you can of course use the DataLoader, or the super cool Pilot for Salesforce Reports for Excel, or some other app, but  the quick and easy “Export Report” button, is not there… yet.  

Lightning & Classic users unite!  Let’s give the people easy access to their data, vote here. for the Idea to Export Reports by Rakesh Gupta

UPDATE  –  May ’16

Voting really does make a difference.  Be active in the community, plus it’s fun!

5/16: The Summer ’16 Release Notes are out, and word is we can export reports as .xls and .csv files in Salesforce Lightning.  WooHoo!

Export Reports a maybe!

Until then, check out this awesome post by Salesforce Superstar, Pritam Shekhawat, with a work-around to Export Reports in Lightning until then.

Idea Recap

Export Reports in LEX by Rakesh Gupta


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