Find Your Instance With A Custom Domain

Find Your Salesforce Instance With A Custom Domain

If you have already created a custom domain for the lightning modules, and now you are working on the Apex Web Services module in Apex Integration Services on trailhead, you might wonder how you are supposed to find your instance. 
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It's OK, Your Data Isn't Gone Forever

Backing Up Your Org

Have you ever wondered what to do if something goes wrong and you lose your Salesforce data?  Well, good news for you, you aren’t totally screwed, bad news, it isn’t cheap and you can’t get all of it back. Now, before going through the details on how to recover your data, let’s first review how we can prevent this situation from happening again. Even if this is a crazy-random-happenstance that you don’t think will happen to you, reading best practices is a good refresher for everyone.

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