Save Yourself Some Time & Increase Report Type Usability

Report Type Overview

Has anyone else noticed that there are a number of new features that require custom Report Types to go with the implementation? Maybe it seems that way to me because I had Territory Management followed by Collaborative Forecasting, but the fact still remains, admins need to know how to use, create, and maintain custom report types.

Now there is plenty of information out there about how to create report types, Setup – Create – Report Types and go! And when it comes to use, there are features without their own report types, keeping fields visible to users on-screen but removing their ability to report off said fields, renaming sections and fields to match your data model, connecting seemingly unconnected objects, I’m sure you have heard enough about it. What I want to focus on is maintenance and saving time.

The ProblemUnsaved_Report___salesforce_com_-_Developer_Edition_and_Microsoft_Word

As admin, we, we know the feeling of approaching deadlines all to well, and with end-user questions, training, and implementations, it seems that the effort it takes for “prettify” our custom report types, well not only is it hard to come but, I have seen orgs where it is downright nonexistent. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that isn’t going to workout so well for you… Unmodified custom report types are awful, if you haven’t checked them out, you’re in for a doozy.

See what happens when you add object A and object B to the report type, all of object A ‘s fields are but into one section, and all of object B’s fields in another. Any additional fields you add related to object A go into the same section, fields related via lookup to object B are in Object B’s section. Then you have a single field on the report for the default fields, ugg… un-customized custom report types do not pass the usability test.

The Solution

There are only so many objects that we actually base our custom report types off, and most of the time, we keep
using the same objects over and over. After 8 years of creating custom report types, I finally made myself the time and created a series of templates
SS_MyCRTI took the standard Account, Contact, Opportunity, Activity, and Case reports one at a time, lined them up to my custom report type window, and formatted the sections to match what my end users are used to seeing on their existing reports (that’s the default layout for me section wise and mostly alphabetical fields within).

Each object has a custom fields section for easy drag and drop of custom fields in any org. The report types for Enterprise Territory Management, Collaborative Forecasting, and a few basic “Accounts with & without Activities” style reports are in the set also.

You don’t meed to do what I did, you can use my templates as your base.  Just hop over to my Report Type repo on GitHub, and them move your custom fields into the custom field section for each object. Hope it helps save you some time. Just remember to update all report types each time you add a new field


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