Oh if only the territory model had better usability

I have to go where to make a territory?!

Perhaps you too have been suffering from the frustration of The Enterprise Territory Management design for Model to Territory creation.

The Territory Model before…  You needed to click view hierarchy after navigating to your territory model, which wouldn’t be that bad except….

Step 1: From the Territory Model you need to click the

Now if you hoover over the top of the hierarchy (or any child territory branch) you can see the hidden

Your usability problem is solved!

Du-Du-Du-DUUUU Introducing the “new territory” button!!

Easy fix to repeated frustration

It only took me 2 implementations and 5 territory models, but I finally added a ‘New Territory’ button easy peasy.  You can copy my gist on GitHub (FYI the image below will take you directly to my gist since I can’t embed the gist)


What are your thoughts? Seriously, comment.

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