Tools & Tricks with Extensions & HotKeys for a Bit o’ Magic in your Toolkit

Sometimes, there are just too many clicks to get where you need to go, and the last thing you need is more stress.  You’re an admin, you love your job, but a lot of people depend on you and there is a lot you need to get done and never enough time to do it.  That’s why you need to have as many tools and tricks as you can in your bag, and hotkeys and extensions are little tools that make a big difference.

Things like custom settings, your admin Home Page and the custom links in your sidebar, we will review those another time.  This is just about making navigating the web easier and making your browser do the work for you, reducing your clicks and the time to complete each task.

Hot Keys

Lets start with a quick overview of the basics, your general hotkeys.  The ones you use on a doc or page on a regular basis, they work in Salesforce too!

Windows Mac Result
Ctrl+C -C Copy
Ctrl+X -X Cut
Ctrl+V -V Paste
Ctrl+F -F Find, will search the current window, it’s not just for docs.
Ctrl+A -A Select All
Ctrl+Z -Z Undo
Ctrl+Y -Y Re-do
Ctrl+S -S Save, works in setup and the developer console (and
sublime and eclipse)

Browser HotKeys

Now I use Chrome, so these are Chrome Hotkeys, however, some are multi-browser friendly, so give them a try, if they don’t work, double check your hotkey in
‘Help’.  I work on a Windows machine in the office, but I am a Mac girl at home, so I have listed the hotkeys for both.

Windows Mac Super Power
Ctrl + W -W Closes the tab (or popup)
Ctrl + T -T Opens a new tab
Ctrl+9   Switch to last tab you were on
Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+PgDown -Right Arrow Switch to next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab  /   Ctrl+PgUp  ⌘-⌥-Left Arrow Switch to prior tab
Ctrl+Shift+T T Restore the last tab you closed

Now as snazzy as tabs and tab magic is, we wouldn’t have tabs without windows, and they too carry their own magic.

Windows Mac Super Power
Alt+F4   /   Ctrl+Shift+W -W Closes the window
Ctrl+N -N Opens a New Window
Ctrl+Shift+N -Shift-N Opens an incognito window, now I’m
just showing off

HotKeys for Links

Hot Keys can be a huge help in dealing with links, whether you want the link to open from a doc, in the background, open and switch to it, oh the choices, it’s like picking out your prom dress.

Windows Mac Super Power
Ctrl+Shift+Link -Shift-Link Opens link in new
tab and switches to the new tab
Ctrl+Link -Link Opens a link in the background,and opens links in Office files
Shift+Link Shift+Link Opens the link in a new window
Drag the link to an existing tab bar Opens the link in a new tab
Drag a link out of the tab bar Opens the link in a new window


Salesforce inspector

I love the Salesforce Inspector, I use it multiple times a day every single day, you can
find the field requirements, the type, API names, export data, import data, and more


LoginAs is my best friend throughout the day.  I don’t like going to find a user to
login as them, even if I just search with the global search, LoginAs lets me select
the user I want to loginAs, debug, or both, from any page in SF.  It’s fab.


Disable to backspace hotkey that takes you back a page when working in chrome, and stop losing your work.

You can do this in firefox without an extension.  Just follow the steps below:

  1. Type ‘about:config’ in your address bar
  2. In the filter that appears, type ‘backspace’
  3. ‘browser.backspace_action’ will come up, with the value of 0
  4. Double click the value and type 2, and BAM, that’s it.

Salesforce HotKeys

It’s an extension that gives you fabulous hotkeys in Salesforce when using chrome.
Ctrl+Shift+A gives you a new Account record, Ctrl+Alt+A takes you to the account tab, the list goes on and on. Finally a quick easy way to pull something up without developing long-term damage from endless mouse clicking.

SalesforCe Developer Suite
Your new debug buddy.  With the debug log viewer, you can view the debug logs in just 2 clicks without leaving your current tab.

Maximize Salesforce Data RowS
You know how you can hit more again and again and again, rather than clicking over and over, have the max number of rows show from the beginning.

Salesforce NavigatoR

This extension helps you get to any Salesforce page quickly. Just type in what you need to do/find.

Salesforce AutoSave

The extension autosaves your code in the background while you work on classes, triggers, pages or components without having to worry about loss of code.


Lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time, easy simple, powerful and totally needed.

That should get you started.  You don’t need every single extension, and maybe some of the hotkeys are more work than they should be, it’s your bag of admin-awesomeness, only pack the tools you find beneficial.


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