Process Builder How-To: Splitting Revenue

Great info here, I have been struggling with the switch from flow triggers to process builder, and was so happy this came out when it did. Process builder, although designed to look easy, I have found working with it a pain, especially the additional clicks and delayed interface. The only trick I learned so far was don’t use Firefox use Chrome.

Automation Champion

Revenue Split

Few days back, I have received an email from Community member. She asked me, is it possible to auto splitOpportunity revenue with Opportunity Team Members, when someone add new member to Opportunity Team by clicking on Add button (Available under Opportunity Team related list on Opportunity detail page) and not for Add Default Team, as shown in the following screenshot

Opportunity TeamInitially I wasn’t sure about it, but after few hours of work I can able to manage it. Let’s start with a business use case

Business Use case:-  Martin Jones is working as System administrator in Universal Container. He receives a requirement from higher management to auto share 1% of Opportunity revenue with, Opportunity team members as soon as they added to Opportunity team. Same time they don’t want to implement this feature when user use Add Default Team button to add a default Opportunity team…

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